Shaw Eco-Friendly Floors

When choosing new floors, you can show your style and take of the environment. Shaw's "green" carpets and hardwood designs show that environmental responsibility and fashionable design aren't mutually exclusive.

Anso Eco Nylon Carpets made from recyclable fiber and containing recycled are some of our most beautiful and stylish. Many of them feature the bold designs and patterns that are all the range in interiors. In addition to being beautiful, Anso Eco Nylon carpets are extremely durable and stain resistant. But one if the best features of these products is their role in Shaw's carpet recycling program. Anso Eco Nylon has been designed to be recycled, into a variety of useful products.

Epic Hardwoods

Epic engineered hardwoods use less than 1/3 the amount of freshly harvested wood used in comparable solid wood flooring. The Epic Hardwood line is made with Enviro-Core a high density inner core which is denser & more moisture tolerant than conventional plywood core yet uses fewer trees with less waste.

*The recyclying program is limited and may not be available in your area. Visit www.shawfloors.com/sustainability for more information